Congrats to Mei Chen in Grapevine, Texas. She is the next winner of an autographed hardcover edition of FIRST COMES LOVE. Thanks again to everyone who has reached out! I will be hosting another giveaway soon, so stay tuned.

EVENTS: This SATURDAY I will be speaking at Middleton Public Library, as part of the Read Local Author Series. For more information on the event and the author line-up, you can check out the website. Come down, hear from local writers and get autographed books! Or, just hang out, drink some coffee and chat. I’m always up for talking about writing.


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Thank you to everyone who emailed me over the week. I am mailing out a copy of First Comes Love to Jill Kiepert! Congrats, Jill! I hope you enjoy getting to know Dylan and Gray and this series.

I am giving away ANOTHER autographed, hardcover copy of FCL next week, Wednesday (September 23rd). If you are interested in receiving a copy the same rule applies, just shoot me an email and I’ll choose one winner next week:

Thanks again for your emails! I love hearing from you guys. Keep them coming.


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Wow, it’s been so long since I last blogged that I actually forgot how to add a new blog post to my site.

Yeah, technology-savvy I am not.

Let’s get to the exciting news… I’m going to be giving away autographed HARDCOVER (yes, hardcover!) copies of FIRST COMES LOVE, the first book in the three part series following Gray and Dylan’s emotional (and never boring), romantic (and at times anti-romantic), escapades.

My only request to receive a book in the mail is this: tell people about this series. Spread the word. It can be face to face, over the phone, texting, on Facebook, on Youtube, Tumbler, Insta-Whatever, whichever communication style you prefer.

In order to receive a hardcover autographed book, shoot me a quick email telling me how you are spreading the word:

That’s it! I will choose ONE winner a week until my supply runs out. US addresses ONLY. Sorry—I can’t do the overseas shipping costs.

If, perchance, you’ve stumbled on this website for the first time and you’ve never read First Comes Love, (gasp!), and you don’t feel credible to spread the word about a book you have never read, I completely understand. I would still send you the book, so you can read it and then spread the word about it’s awesomeness. Just shoot me an email.

This event is also open to any bloggers/reviewers who would like to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

This event begins TODAY, September 16th. Next TUESDAY I will announce the first winner on this website. Yes, that means I will be updating my website twice in one week—a tenacious goal, I know.

This is a way of thanking all of my readers for their support, loyalty, and patience for continuing to follow me despite my sluggish process in releasing a new book. You guys rock.

So, start talking up this series.

And…I will have information coming up soon about my next book release. Yes, there is a new book coming your way!


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Showing…Not Telling

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you a few things, leading up to an event that I’m VERY excited for! Check it out:


This is a studio shot from Frozen Stage Films, a company I’m working with on an upcoming project. The photo features Ray Ibsen on camera, Kierstyn Torres acting and Vivian Cruickshank in charge of our post production. Also working on the project are Nella Citino producing, Kenneth Pearsall lending us his music talent, Frost White voiceover talent and director Francisco Torres. Pretty cool?

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God Willing

That was one of my mom’s favorite phrases growing up. God willing. She said it all the time. “God willing, we’ll be able to go on a family trip next summer.” “Grandma will get over this health scare, God willing.” “You’ll move back to Wisconsin one day, God willing.”

This phrase used to annoy the crap out of me. You don’t need God’s will to plan a family trip. You order the plane tickets, you book the hotel and you do it yourself. Doctors are going to help heal Grandma, it’s up to them. If I decide I want to move back to Wisconsin it is MY CHOICE.

Or is it?

The older I get, the more experiences I have, the more I’m starting to understand the phrase God willing, and the more I believe it, the more relief it brings me. I don’t like thinking that I have to do everything myself, that all my choices, my concerns, my duties, are up to me alone. It’s stressful to think that life hangs on my shoulders like that. I like to think that my life, my worries, my issues, my dreams, they all hang on a giant clothesline, these tiny pieces of me, waving somewhere and God sees them and understands. He’ll give me answers in due time. Meanwhile, I can pin up all the questions and concerns I have. The clothesline never sags, it never runs out of room.

I’m in a new season of life. I picked up my life and moved it 2,000 miles to a city I’m trying to reconnect with. I’m trying out different styles and formats of writing, and trying to move into unknown territories. I’m attempting to balance being a calm, patient, loving mom and friend with keeping the window of my career open. My family is struggling with finances since being an “artist” isn’t the most economically wise decision.

But, you know what? I’m okay with all of these unknowns, because I’m learning to believe the phrase God willing. The path I’m meant to follow will open itself up and other paths will have road blocks. It makes the day to day issues suddenly appear less heavy, less intense. I’m learning to turn all of my problems into those tiny images hanging on a clothesline, out of my grasp, out of my concern. I don’t have to worry about them, I just have to trust.

I’m not saying we have no control over our decisions or our choices. We do. But we can take so much of the burden off of ourselves if we’re able to leave the decisions up to faith. Faith is a very strong road map, and if we follow it, we won’t get lost. I believe that.

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This week…

Happy December book lovers,

I have a few sales going on this week. SECOND CHANCE and FINALLY, FOREVER will be 99 cents starting WEDNESDAY. Spread the word to your bookish friends. (It’s a Kindle sale only). I’m discounting these books in order to make the FIRST COMES LOVE series available, in its entirety, for under $10. (Ahem, Christmas presents!).

News on STILL POINT Germany release: It will be released in Germany (in PRINT!!) in 2015. It looks like fall 2015. I know, I know, that’s about six months away. Hang in there! Just for your patience, I’m making MADDIE’S TATTOO (the short story that is a prequel to Awaken) FREE on Amazon starting TOMORROW. So download it, yo. It’s a compelling story. It will be free for a limited time.

I do not yet have a release date for MIDDLE GROUND in French. I’ll check in with my publisher and let you know the word on the French translation. Thanks for everyone who’s asking about it!

And thanks again to all of the people who email me, and who send me comments and posts about my books! I read every single one, and they make my day/week/month. I’m so happy my books stick with you and make you think. THANK YOU for reading.

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What if your greatest talent is…Being Weird??

I was on the rowing team my freshman year of college. During a one-on-one meeting, my crew coach asked me what I was going to major in. I stared at her, point blank, and without hesitating said, “Beer and Men.” This boast wasn’t far from the truth, and while my social life escalated, sadly, my academic pursuits dwindled. I dropped out of college after my sophomore year and spent about three years getting my butt kicked in the “real world,” via Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Milwaukee.

My dad, always trying to give me sound parental advice which I usually swept under the rug of my overbearing immaturity, told me, “Katie, figure out what you’re good at. Figure out a way to make money doing it. That is the key.”

I juggled his words around in my head for years. What was I good at? I never excelled at sports (even in high school it appeared I wanted to focus my studies on beer and men). I was a lousy student. I excelled more at the art of skipping class, rather than actually attending it. I never had a teacher pull me aside and say, “Hey, you’re really good at _________.” I was the kid who had teachers pull me aside to tell me they thought I was cheating, to give me in-school suspensions, to give me basketball suspensions because I was caught at a party, or to switch me into remedial courses because I wasn’t making the grades.

I kept thinking, what if I just excel at sucking at everything? What do I do with that?

Then, I decided to do a little internal study. I started to think abut the comments I heard most often from people, that were directed at me. Some people hear, “You’re so smart.” Some people hear, “You’re so artistic,” or, “You’re such a good athlete,” or, “You’re such a great people-person.” The thing that I’ve consistently heard throughout my life is, “Wow, you are really, really weird.”

I started to think about this idea of being weird. In high school, I took it as an insult. It’s painfully awkward to be different. It is so much easier to be in a click, to be in a group, to fall in a label. Being weird is like being a mutant.

In college, I heard these comments on a daily basis. “You’re so weird. You’re so strange. Are you high all the time?” So what if I wanted to tie sweatpants around my head instead of a scarf in the winter? I was resourceful. So what if I’d rather sit in a coffee shop and watch people out the window and write down the dialogue I imagined they were saying instead of doing my homework? I was inventive. So what if I preferred dancing with inanimate objects over people? I was non-discriminatory. So what if I enjoyed wearing my Micheal Jordan face mask to class and quoting Dennis Rodman’s bio, Walk on the Wild Side like it was my bible? I was a Bull’s fan.

I started to realize that what people saw as weird, and strange, was actually a compliment. I was creative. My brain registered things in a different way. I began writing down all of my thoughts. I started to piece them into stories. Turns out, my dad was right. And, to his relief, I went back to college to pursue a degree in writing.

School is strange because logic and creativity are two very different types of intelligence. In school, we focus so much on logic that often creative kids fall through the cracks. Creative people don’t want to think inside the box. We don’t want to memorize other people’s ideas, we want to form our own. We don’t want to learn what WAS. We want to imagine WHAT COULD BE. We don’t want to be TOLD, we want to QUESTION. We don’t want ANSWERS. We prefer to WONDER. This frame of mind doesn’t work well in modern education. Logic is great for some brains, but stifling for others.

You want to know who some of the smartest kids in school are? Check out where the rejects hang out. The pottery rooms, the art rooms, the music rooms. They skulk away in corners and if they do actually show up for class, they’re usually brooding in the back. Sometimes they’re the obnoxious ones, the disciplinary cases, or the class clowns always acting out or giving hell to the teachers. And it’s not because they’re misfits. It’s not because they’re stupid. They’re bored out of their MINDS and their survival mechanism is to either quietly retreat or to boldly stick it to the man.

For any of you struggling to figure out what you’re good at, think back to what people most often say about you. What comments keep resurfacing? Also, I’ve learned that many times our strengths don’t show up until we are tested. Our strengths are what pull us out, they’re the roots of what we can excel at.

What pulls you out when you feel like you’re falling through the cracks? There lies your strength. Own it. Embrace it. And if anyone ever calls you weird, take it as a compliment. It’s better than being normal any day.


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Infinite JETS!

Good News: Any electronic glitches with the STILL POINT ebook has been fixed. The book should be live and available on your world wide web, (sadly, however, not in print). You can read it, NOW! Thank you to that man or woman probably wearing those thick-rimmed glasses, most likely sitting in a dark lower level of a building streaming Pandora who emailed that other guy or lady probably wearing glasses, drinking their third cup of coffee or maybe a Diet Coke, in that other lower level building who clicked that button and fixed that html code and made this book POSSIBLE (online only, sorry)!

So… I just started reading Infinite Jest and I’m only on page thirty and I’m exhausted, stuffed, a little dizzy, but I know I don’t want this book to end. Since I only read children’s books these days, (no offense Mo Willems, love Gerald and Piggie) I’m feeling sluggish in the brain cell department. Mentally emaciated would be another way to describe it. I decided to pick up something challenging and the lure of 200 pages of footnotes sold me.

I’m just glad I started out reading David Foster Wallace with his much, much smaller book, This is Water, a commencement speech he wrote in 2005. I feel like I got a watered down version of his brain before I plunged into the MIND GRINADE that is Infinite Jest.

I only read one review before I bought Infinite Jest. It was on Amazon, and the review was from a disappointed fan who shout-wrote “There are no jets in this book! Not one single mention of a jet! Who puts the word JET in a title and doesn’t even write about any aeronautical machines??” This review summed up why I avoid reading reviews in general from anonymous sources: Misunderstood, subjective, strangely inaccurate rants that make me question and feel embarrassed for the reviewer much more than the work being reviewed. Anyway, after reading that review and feeling robbed of my time, I drove downtown to my local bookstore to physically see this book. It weighs about as much as a newborn child. In a way, that’s how a see it. This complete entity. This being. In other words, yes, I’m loving this book.


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Where Can I Find STILL POINT?

People have been emailing me all week saying they are having problems finding STILL POINT. I’ve also had some very disappointed fans email me their frustrations that this book is only available digitally. One stubborn fan told me, “I love your books and I love this series but I refuse to read ebooks, so I WILL NOT READ THIS BOOK.” Other people commented, “You wrote a book about an anti-digital movement and then you only make it available digitally???”

But, let’s be optimistic for a minute. STILL POINT is available! You can read it, NOW. And believe me, you should. You would still be supporting me, as a writer, and supporting all of the amazing editors and people that got behind this book to make it happen. Here are some links where you can find it:


Some of you are concerned that you can’t read STILL POINT because you don’t own an ereader. Well, you don’t need to own a Nook or a Kindle to read it. You can simply download the software onto your computer or laptop, and read my book from there. For example, here is a link to download Kindle to your computer: DOWNLOAD.

Here is the same idea, but for NOOK (digital books sold by Barnes and Noble).

I’ve had several of my foreign fans tell me that they can’t download my book. I would try the sites I provided, but if it isn’t working it might be because the rights to this book are not available in your country yet. You can email me if you are having a specific problem and I can forward the information on to my publicist. Just let me know what country you are in and what site isn’t working. My email is: katiekacvinsky(at)uwalumni(dot)com. If you’re in Germany, I will let you know as soon as I hear about the release date. It’s coming soon.

Finally…for those of you reading STILL POINT, I highly recommend checking out the short story I wrote last fall, MADDIE’S TATTOO. It’s a prequel to AWAKEN, but it sets up characters and events in STILL POINT. I actually think you would get the most out of it after you read STILL POINT, since it introduces a new character. Here is a link to MADDIE’S TATTOO. You can download this story worldwide.


Okay. I think I answered all the questions! Thanks again for your support and for reaching out to me. Read up.

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Happy Book Birthday, STILL POINT

About six years ago I was driving to the coast on Highway 34, a road that twists through the Oregon coastal range that separates the ocean from the valley. I remember passing through a lush rainforest with ferns as thick as curtains. Coming from the flat farmlands of Wisconsin, I was caught in a world that was so different from what I knew it felt surreal most of the time. It made me fall in love with trees, with nature, and with getting unplugged and being fully aware, and in the moment. That drive inspired the opening journal entry for AWAKEN.

Six years later, the trilogy’s come to a close with STILL POINT. If you want to know more behind the meaning of the title which was inspired by Sting’s song, LOVE IS THE SEVENTH WAVE (great song), check out an old post I wrote.

Happy Book Birthday to STILL POINT! I had so much fun writing this series. It was challenging, sometimes terrifying, but more than anything, it was inspiring. I grew up alongside Maddie. Life lessons, struggles and personal experiences I had flooded into these books. These characters are close to my heart and I’ll never forget them. Thanks for taking the time to read this series. I hope it’s inspired you to carve out your own path and live in the moment.

Okay, I’ll stop babbling now so you can READ.


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