A Dylan-inspired Giveaway: HOBO Wallet

For the release of Finally, Forever, I want to do something special, not only because I’m psyched about this book, but I also appreciate my fan support so much and I want to give away a really cool gift. I’ve been thinking about what I can do that’s unique. Bookmarks are great, autographed books, book plates, free ebooks. But for this giveaway I wanted to share one of my own personal favorite must-have items.

If I had to pick my favorite thing that I own (other than my camera, of course), it would be my HOBO wallet. I actually bought this wallet because the brand name reminded me of Dylan. Even the company logo fits her roaming personality:


Basically, this wallet makes me happy, and I think that’s a good indicator to make a purchase. That’s actually the number one thing I ask myself before I buy anything: Does it make me happy? It’s a good way to filter out what you spend money on. So, I am giving away a brand new HOBO wallet as a thank you gift to one fan. Here are pictures of the wallet design I’m giving away and here is the link to HOBO, if you want to learn more about their products. They retail for over $100, but the quality and design is worth the price.


Gorgeous, right? It’s the exact same one I have, and I love it.

So, in order to get in the running for this gift, simply TELL people about Finally, Forever. I have a rafflecopter up where you sign up for the gift. Unfortunately, I can’t post the rafflecopter here, WordPress doesn’t allow it (really, WordPress?). I created a Facebook page, specifically for this giveaway and release. Check it out here: ENTER GIVEAWAY.

I’m really excited to give away something that I honestly love. And, as always, embrace the independent vagabond inside of you.


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FINALLY, FOREVER Promotional Tour

Wow. Lots of promotional stuff coming up for Finally, Forever. I’ve never done this much publicity for a book release before. I even hired a publicist and she’s introduced me to all this marketing lingo like “mailchimp, blitz promo, and Facebook takeover.” I don’t really know what she’s saying half the time, or what I’m agreeing to. I could be saying yes to doing a public strip tease and I wouldn’t know it. I’m just going to trust she knows the marketing side of the book world much better than I do.

First, there is a blog tour coming up. I appreciate these bloggers SO MUCH for their time, support, enthusiasm, and love for books. I’ve worked with many of these amazing women in the past, and I’m so grateful for all that they do to spread the word about books and help authors reach out to readers. I am listing the bloggers with links to their sites if you want to check them out. I will release the official tour schedule next week.


1. Reading Teen
2. The Readdicts
3. Heidi McLaughlin (author)
4. Liza Wiemer (author)
5. Good Choice Reading
6. Book Nerds Across America
7. A Booklovers’ Review
8. A Backwards Story
9. The Reading Date
10. Actin’ Up With Books
11. A Life Bound By Books
12. Kimberlyfaye Reads
13. Stuck in YA Books
14. Waiting For Wentworth

In addition to the blog tour, there’s going to be a character interview with Gray going out on April 25th, a giveaway of my “Essential Writing Kit,” a couple autographed copies of Finally, Forever, teasers, interviews, and of course the playlist. How does that sound?!

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Happy Monday

First, I would like to wish Happy Book Release Day to author and friend Heidi McLaughlin and the release of her book, FINDING MY WAY. You can read it now, just follow this link. I had the privilege to get a sneak peek at this book, and it is Heidi’s best writing yet. It follows the journey of Liam Westbury, who sheds the weight of expectations placed on him from family and friends in order to follow his dreams. This is a character who definitely thinks with his heart, and that is what ends up being the tension in the story–because the heart never forgets….

FINDING MY WAY is your must read book for April. And check out the awesome cover:

image - Copy

Since it’s Monday, I’m also sharing a song from the Finally, Forever playlist. This song rocks. It’s very fitting for both Dylan and Gray and it’s great road tripping music. It’s called Samsonite Man, by Fashawn. Enjoy.

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Who is an authors best friend?

Who is an author’s best friend? I was asked this question a couple of weeks ago at an author slam, by a member of the audience. This question threw me. First I wanted to say my fans. But then I thought of my agent. And my publicist. My family. My husband. I sent the question out on Facebook and Twitter and got some good responses, like: caffeine, characters, dogs, wine.

Thinking about this question, I’ve come up with my own answer. For me, it has to be my editor. I believe a writer is only as good as their editors. I have been privileged and blessed to work with Julia Richardson from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on FOUR novels. She took a young, inexperienced author and helped me to develop my strengths. Her encouragement, enthusiasm, feedback and critiques are what brought my books from the messy manuscripts they were, into the polished novels that my fans could read and enjoy. Over the last four years, I’ve received an education from my editor. It has made my writing come more naturally. It’s given me confidence. She has literally been my most valuable teacher. So, thank you, Julia Richardson, for holding my hand tight throughout this process. Thanks for loving my books as much as I do. I can’t wait to release our latest work together: STILL POINT. I think it may be our best novel yet.

My sister, Sarah Moeser, also helped me edit the two books that I self published (Second Chance and Finally, Forever). Seriously, these books would have been an embarrassing attempt at writing without her direction and feedback. She took sloppy wording and helped me tighten it. She pointed out when something was stupid and didn’t work work, when sometime was tacky and didn’t fit. She cut out wording that was unnecessary and slowed down the pacing of the story. And most importantly, she encouraged me. Authors need to hear “Yes, this is good!” We are a very insecure, hyper-aware, overly dramatic, highly analytical bunch and we need to hear someone say, “I LOVE THIS.”

We’ve all had moments when we hate our editors, because they make us WORK. They make us do rewrites. They makes us agonize over word choice and descriptions. They make us think until our brains hurt. But that is like a coach training an athlete, making them shoot one hundred free throws, making them run eight miles or lift so much weight it hurts. They are making us BETTER.

So, for those of you who are authors, give your editors a huge hug (or maybe a cyber thank you). For those of you aspiring to write, never underestimate the importance of a good editor. They are like a coach, helping to guide you through the process. You could do it without their help, but you’ll never reach your potential.

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Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff

My mind feels very cluttered today, like a garage overflowing with boxes, in desperate need of a spring cleaning. I have a few things to share:

1st: I have a promotional blog tour coming up for Finally, Forever and I will be posting the tour dates and blogs participating next week. I also have a sign up available for ANYONE who wants to help spread the word about the book. Follow the link below, and you can sign up to share teasers, share a character interview (with Gray), and some other fun things. Please share this link on twitter, or with other bloggers/reviewers you know that might be interested.


I am FINALLY ordering some bookmarks. I love bookmarks (since I prefer to read print books) and I’ve never had any made for any of my books before. I’m planning on autographing a bunch and mailing them out over the next month or two; I’ll tell you how to get your hands on one soon!

I know I’m forgetting something. I’ll remember after I post this, I’m sure. But, for now, I love you all and here is another song from the Finally, Forever playlist. Does this song foreshadow events in the book? Um, yep. *sigh* Another Counting Crows song? Um, yep. I will say this: these songs are falling out of order a bit. I’ll list the actual order on the Finally, Forever blog tour. Enjoy Hospital by Counting Crows:

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More Music

Dang, congrats Jane and Sarah. You guys are rock star quiz takers. A ++++ to both of you. Number seven was tricky–where does Gray go to college? In the beginning of the book he starts off at Mesa Community College (a place I know well; I went there for a semester) and then he transfers to the University of New Mexico to play baseball. I have to give Jane credit on that one–she nailed it and answered both schools. So, Sarah and Jane I will be happy to mail both of you autographed bookplates. Sarah, I think I already emailed you about this, and Jane, can you shoot me your email so I can mail you something?

One last bonus question from First Comes Love. Who is the guy that Gray and Dylan bump into on Mill Avenue? It’s Gray’s old high school best friend–can you tell me his name?

Finally…more awesome music for you. This song is sooooo freaking amazing. It’s called Call It Off by Tegan and Sara. It’s brilliant, not only for the angsty way she sings, for her gorgeous, torn, emotional voice, but the lyrics are simple and raw and perfect. I’m attaching the lyrics after the song, courtesy of songmeanings.com And P.S., there is a live version of the song that is even better, I attached the link below.

I won’t regret saying this
This thing that I’m saying
Is it better than keeping my mouth shut
That goes without saying

Call, break it off
Call, break my own heart
Maybe I would have been something you’d be good at
Maybe you would have been something I’d be good at

But now we’ll never know
I won’t be sad
But in case I go there
Everyday, to make myself feel bad
There’s a chance that I’ll start to wonder if this was the thing to do

I won’t be out long
But I still think it better if
You take your time coming over here
I think that’s for the best

Call, break it off
Call, break my own heart
Maybe I would have been something you would be good at
Maybe you would have been something I would be good at

But now we’ll never know
I won’t be sad
But in case I go there
Everyday, to make myself feel bad
There’s a chance that I’ll start to wonder if this was the thing to do
I’ll start to wonder if this was the thing to do

Here is a link to the live song (the version I’ve been so obsessed with). Enjoy! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/call-it-off-live/id477056841?i=477056849

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Hello everyone! I have something fun today…with the release of Finally, Forever coming up in a little over a month, I wanted to post a quiz from First Comes Love and Second Chance. Although Finally, Forever can be read as a standalone, it will still reference a few things from the other books. So, here is a quiz from FIRST COMES LOVE. Comment with your answers! The first one to answer all twelve questions correctly will get an autographed bookplate in the mail!


First Comes Love:

1. Where do Gray and Dylan meet?
2. What is the name of the poem Gray and Dylan write together?
3. What is Dylan’s favorite hobby?
4. What is Dylan’s favorite plant in Arizona?
5. What happened to Gray’s twin sister?
6. Where is Dylan originally from?
7. Where does Gray go to college?
8. What is the name of the book Gray buys for Dylan?
9. What is the name of the dog Gray and Dylan take on walks?
10. Name three different places Gray and Dylan travel to in this book.
11. Name two of Gray’s favorite bands/musicians.
12. What album (musician) do Gray and Dylan listen to in the dark?

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Gray Song

Today I am sharing a song from the Finally, Forever playlist called END OF THAT. It’s by Plants and Animals. I love this band. Their lyrics are truly that: lyrical. They use great imagery and descriptions. I like END OF THAT not only for Gray (because it is definitely angst) but I also love the story behind the song, about a guy beaten up by life, but who comes out wiser in the end. I turned this song on to help calibrate the emotional mood of Gray in a couple of scenes in this book. Enjoy.

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Hey Everybody! I currently have an autographed copy of Finally, Forever available on Goodreads. The contest ends on May 1st.


When you get on the Goodreads page, you will need to scroll down the page a bit, until you see Win a Copy of This Book. Simply click on ENTER TO WIN and submit your name! Thanks for participating in this! I hope YOU are the lucky winner.

Okay, back to editing.

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Hey, sorry I’m late on the music thing. I was about to post yesterday and then my sister called and we ended up going to the Original Pancake House for much needed apple pancakes, hash browns, eggs, toast, coffee. Yeah, so I got sidetracked by FOOD.

ALSO, I forgot to post a winner for an autographed copy of Finally, Forever. Man, I am lame! I was supposed to announce this on March 1st. Please forgive me! I chose at random–thank you to EVERYONE who helped spread the link for Finally, Forever. The winner of an autographed copy is:

KASSANDRA. Congrats! Please comment below and I will email you with mailing information. There will be more contests coming up as part of the Finally, Forever release celebration (one item includes my emergency writer’s kit). So stay tuned!

Next song on the Finally, Forever playlist:

2,000 Miles by K.T. Tunstall. This is more of a Christmas song, but I love the mood and the melody. It’s another song I used to help get inside Dylan’s rambling head. Enjoy!

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